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Terms and Conditions


The “Seller” is defined as the legal entity LYONA sarl. The “Buyer” means the person or company who buys the goods. “Goods” is defined as the items to be supplied by the Seller to the Buyer as agreed in writing or by phone.


By ordering from LYONA sarl the buyer agrees to be legally bound by these Terms and Conditions and accept that these Conditions may be modified or amended and posted on this website in the future.


Our goods are handmade and are therefore unique. The seller will do its best to match the agreed designs and colors, however the buyer accepts that there may be some variance. Similarly, the seller can’t guarantee to exactly reproduce the goods created by other bakers based on pictures: the seller’s designs will be an interpretation of their cakes.

The seller reserves the right to use its judgment when creating and designing the buyer’s goods and the seller may need to adjust the buyer’s design accordingly.


The seller can’t be held responsible for any allergies.
The buyer is responsible for informing the seller in writing regarding any dietary requirements, and while the seller will try its best to comply with those requirements, the buyer understands that traces of restricted ingredients might be present.

Price Quotations

All price quotations, writêten or verbal, are valid for 30 days from the date of quotation.


The seller requires a 30% non-refundable and non-transferable deposit for orders above 1 000CHF to secure booking, and the remaining balance is to be paid by the buyer on collection or delivery of the goods.
The seller reserves the right to request a deposit for orders whose amount would be below 1 000CHF.


Any amendment to the buyer’s order must be confirmed via email/writing as early as possible. The seller will do its best to accommodate any change, but this cannot be guaranteed. If the changes are possible within the time available, they may be subject to an additional charge if extra work is required.

Refunds and Cancellations

In the event of cancellation, any work already completed is chargeable. All deposits are non-refundable.
In the very unlikely event that the seller had to cancel a buyer’s order, the seller will refund the full price of the goods to the buyer.

Collection and Delivery

All goods can be collected from the seller’s Atelier in Chene Bougeries, delivered in the Geneva and Vaud cantons, or shipped by La Poste to the rest of Switzerland. Once the goods have been collected or delivered, the buyer holds full responsibility for any accidental damage that may occur.

Non-edible Items

Non-edible items may be used as decorations or packaging for the cakes. The buyer is responsible for ensuring that all non-edible items are removed prior to consumption.


If the buyer is dissatisfied with the goods received, the buyer must inform the seller in writing. Evidence of any faults, damages or discrepancies should be included in the communication. Any partial or full refunds will be given entirely at our discretion.


The seller reserves the right to use the images of the goods, in any form of media.