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McQueen Car Cake from the Movie Cars

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This McQueen race car cake is perfect for a children birthday party with your family and your child's friends.

We can prepare your cake within 3 days from your order. If you need a cake urgently (the same day, in the next hour), please call us before placing your order: +41796106538

This cake, available in chocolate and vanilla flavors, can be customized with your child's name and age.
Availability: 3 days (Same day delivery? Give us a call! )

We deliver our cakes everywhere in Switzerland. The delivery price will be calculated in the next page.


Product Description

This McQueen race car cake will delight your child and make his/her birthday party memorable.

The cake can be baked with our delicious chocolate recipe and its decadent chocolate ganache, rich in flavor and yet light in texture, or with our vanilla recipe and its smooth vanilla buttercream.

Vegan, lactose- or gluten-free options are possible: if you are interested, please contact us via Email or +41796106538 before ordering the cake so we can confirm with you the availability time.

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Additional information


10 – 12 people, 20 people


Chocolate, Vanilla