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Geneva and Switzerland in general is an international place with people coming to work here from all over the world. It makes for an amazing and vibrant mix of cultures and cuisines but we also know how difficult it can be to live far from your loved ones. On special occasions like birthdays and baby showers, in particular, you want to be there to give them your congratulations and a big hug!


While you wait for the moment when you will be reunited, we can help you to mark the occasion by sending your friend in Geneva or even anywhere in Switzerland a customized and utterly delicious cake.


Our creations are custom-made to order to reflect the occasion and the uniqueness of the person you want to celebrate. Tell us their favorite colors, their hobbies, or maybe something from their home country… These special cakes will touch the heart of the person receiving the gift, more than the usual flowers or box of chocolates ever could.

Delivering your cake in the Geneva area

We can deliver by truck in the Geneva area, up to Lausanne. If your family, friends or colleagues live in this area you can either order one of our classic cakes here, or, if times allows it, plan for a custom made cake: read how to here.

Should you want to really spoil your friend, we can also add a beautiful bouquet of flowers to your order and deliver them along with your cake.


Delivering your cake in Switzerland

If your loved ones live in Switzerland but further from Geneva, you can still surprise them with our cake with a message and/or image that we ship by post. Discover it here.


In both cases (Geneva or Switzerland delivery), we can, of course, print a note and include it with the cake.


Any doubts about an address or timings? Please contact us.


We always do our best to accommodate last-minute requests but please be aware that we can only ensure 100% customization if the order is placed 15 days before the desired delivery. This allows us to order any special ingredients and decorations we might need to make the cake perfect for your friend.

Discover more about our incredible cakes, designs and ingredients here.