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FAQ – LYONA Cake Academy

Is this module for me?

Our modules are created to suit all levels. Beginners will focus on learning the basics and building their foundation techniques in baking and decorating. Intermediates will further advance their skills while Professionals will focus on bringing their business to the next level and learn how a real bakery operates.

I would like to recreate a specific cake design, is this possible?

Yes, depending on the module and the design. If you would like to reproduce a specific design, we can discuss this ahead of your booking.

How are the 20 hours scheduled?

As far as possible, we will try to adapt to your availability: modules can be taken over 2 to 5 days, during the week or on Saturdays. The easiest is for you is to share your availabilities with us so we can find out what best fits your schedule.

When is your next module starting?

Our modules are designed to start whenever you have the availability. The only exception concerns the first module of the Cake Design program (Cake and Cupcake preparations) since the timing needs to match our monthly production cycle. If you are interested in this module, get in touch and we’ll find the best time for you!

What are the payment terms?

The payment of each module needs to be received by us the day before the first day of the module. As demand for our courses keeps increasing, we encourage you to pay well in advance to secure your spot and avoid any disappointment in case we reach full capacity during the days you had chosen.

Do you deliver a certificate at the end of each module?

Yes, we will award you with a training certificate for the module that you have atêtended or with a diploma if you have successfully completed the Master Cake Design or Build Your Business programs.

My child loves baking cakes! Can children enroll in the Academy?

While we have experience teaching children, our Academy courses are designed for people who are autonomous and can keep a high level of atêtention and energy for a long time span (minimum 4 hours). Also, some modules require some level of strength (e.g. Module 1 - Cake and cupcake preparations). If you believe your child fits these requirements, by all means, enroll her/him in our Academy!

If your child is not ready for the Academy yet, consider booking one of our cupcake decorating classes instead.

I live abroad, can I enroll in the Academy?

Of course! We often have students traveling to Geneva, Switzerland, to take one of our Cake Design modules. When students join us from abroad, we organize the Cake Design module(s) to fit their schedule. Generally, a 20-hour module will be taught during 2 consecutive days of 10 hours each. If this is the case, make sure you arrive at our Atelier full of energy!

Regarding your accommodation, you will find multiple options in Geneva (Switzerland) and in Gaillard (France), since our Atelier is located between these cities. Get in contact if you need assistance in selecting your accommodation.

Differently from the Cake Design modules, the Cake Business program is generally atêtended virtually via Skype calls. Don't hesitate to reach out!

Do you sell gift vouchers?

We do. Please contact us so we can gather all the information needed to create a personalized gift certificate.

Still some unanswered questions? Please do not hesitate to get in contact+41 796106538 - [email protected]