LYONA Cake Academy

At LYONA’s we have developed an immersion training program which includes multiple modules. Each module is composed of 20 hours of training (generally 4 half-days, but the schedule can be adapted to your availabilities) and can be taken separately.

You will be part of our team and, as part of your training, might be involved in the baking, assembling and decorating of real orders.

The modules can be adapted to the level of the student and therefore can help beginners, as well as professionals, develop their cake making skills.

In addition to our baking and decorating modules, we also offer 3 modules to help people transform their hobby into their profession or bring their baking side business to the next level.

Each module of 20 hours costs 998CHF. This includes all the ingredients and material, 1-o-1 coaching and insurance.

Our modules can be taken in English, French or Italian.

Get in contact for further information and to check our availabilities.

"I spent a week with them learning the basics of baking! They are really good in what they do, professionals and very friendly. I learned a lot and got to know amazing people! Friendly and very down to earth. I totally recommend them for a course, they are awesome!" - Pilar

"At LYONA's, Serena is a very patient teacher and will let you take your time to learn. She’s a perfectionist and will make you sure you get it right. The academy is an amazing place to learn a new skill. Thank you so much for the experience. It’s something I will always cherish." - VJ

8 Cake making and decorating modules

  1. Cakes and cupcakes preparations.

During this module, you will learn the cakes and cupcakes’ recipes that made us famous including our decadent chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet cakes. You will master our whipped ganache and the ever-challenging Swiss meringue buttercream preparation. Importantly, you will also learn how to recognize the first signs of possible issues with your preparations (including under- or over-baking, and split buttercream), and what to do to fix them.

Take this module if you want to learn tasty yet light cakes and cupcakes recipes that will leave people asking for more and if you wish to be more in control in the baking arena.

  1. Assembling and covering a cake.

During this module, you will learn how to perfectly cover a round cake with buttercream and fondant. Once this technique mastered, you will discover how to cover other shapes of cakes including square cakes and cakes in the shape of an object.

This module is all about learning the techniques and gestures needed to have a smooth buttercream covering and a professional fondant finish.

Take this module if you are making your first steps in cake decorating or if you have already some experience but want your cakes to look more professional.

  1. Buttercream piping on cakes and cupcakes including buttercream flowers

During this module, you will learn how to prepare your buttercream to be ready for decorating. You will also learn how to hold a piping bag correctly and use 8-10 different piping nozzles to produce beautiful decorations including swirls, roses, and daisies. You will be shown how to replicate the little tweaks and flourishes that will make all the difference, producing a professional finish on your cakes and cupcakes.

Take this module if you are a beginner in buttercream decoration or if you are interested in deepening your decoration skills.

  1. Fondant modeling – 2D decorations

During this module, you will learn the secret tips and tricks of fondant applied to 2D decorations. You will learn how to use stamps and cutters to produce professionally looking decorations including letters, flowers, and butterflies. You will also learn edible printing on different supports, and how to correctly place it on your cakes for a simple yet stunning result. Finally, you will learn how to dry and place your 2D decorations in order to give a 3D effect to your cakes (including how to create cake toppers).

Take this module if you want to set strong foundations of fondant decoration before moving to 3D modeling.

  1. Fondant modeling – simple 3D figurines

In this module, you will learn how to create simple 3D figurines. This can include all-time beloved unicorns, teddy bears, and bunnies, or cartoons characters like Peppa Pig. You will learn how to assemble the different parts of the figurine and ensure a perfect finish to your sculpture. You will also learn how to give expressions to your characters to make them irresistible. Finally, you will learn how to make 3D flowers in fondant to embellish your cakes.

Take this module if you are already comfortable with 2D fondant decorations and want to surprise your guests with professional-looking sugar sculptures.

  1. Fondant modeling – complex 3D figurines (advanced module)

In this module, you will learn how to reproduce more complex characters with fondant. This can include an animal, a princess crown, ballerina shoes or stilettos. This is an advanced module, and we recommend you take it after module 5 to ensure you have strong foundations in fondant modeling.

Take this module to bring your fondant modeling to the next level.

  1. Fondant modeling - reproducing technical objects 3D (advanced module)

In this module, you will learn how to reproduce technical objects in a realistic manner. This can include a watch, a barber chair, and a bottle of perfume.

Take this module if you are comfortable with 3D figurines and want to create objects that look real.

  1. Planning, covering and decorating cakes in the shape of an object (advanced module)

In this module, you will learn how to make a cake in the shape of an object. This can include a cake in the shape of a car, a guitar, or a luxury bag.

Take this module if you already know how to assemble and cover a cake (Module 2), and if you are at ease creating 2D and 3D decorations (module 4, 5).

3 Cake business modules

These modules can be taken at our Atelier or online via Skype.

  1. How to start your business – from 0 to 10 clients per month.

Take this module if you would like to turn your hobby into a small stream of revenue.

  • How to define your niche and find the right name
  • How to promote your business and find your first clients
  • How to create your website and social network presence
  1. How to grow your business – from 10 to 25 clients /month

Take this module if you are getting more confident with the quality of your cakes and are ready to test if this could become your main source of revenue

  • How to find new clients
  • How to set the price your cakes and negotiate with clients
  • How to take stunning pictures of your art and edit videos
  1. How to accelerate your business’ growth – from 26+ clients /month

Take this module if you have already tested your offering and are ready to grow your business.

  • How to increase your sales both in volumes and value
  • How to manage your resources: reduce your costs, putting in place processes, security, and hygienic rules
  • How to further develop your social network presence with advertising