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Customized Cupcakes

Celebrate any special occasion – a birthday, an anniversary or maybe a corporate event – with our unforgettable and fully customized cupcakes. We’re famous for our vanilla cupcakes, with an irresistible buttercream frosting and a surprising heart of chocolate ganache as you bite into it.

We can, of course, make any cupcake, with all your favorite flavors – maybe you prefer your heart to made of zesty lemon cream or classic vanilla instead? Just tell us what you like!

OMG – the cupcakes are AMAZING!!! What a fabulous job! THANK YOU! – Sarah-Jane L.


Prices start at 6 CHF for vanilla cupcakes with a simple white frosting and 12 CHF for customized cupcakes including 3D decorations. Prices will vary based on the complexity of the decoration. The minimum order is 6 cupcakes.

Discover our latest cupcakes and get inspired below!