We’re famous for our delicious chocolate cake with a decadent chocolate ganache, rich in flavor and yet light in texture. We can bake any cake – just tell us what you like!

Some of our other favorite recipes include:

  • Vanilla cake with a milk chocolate or white chocolate ganache
  • Rainbow cake with a white chocolate ganache, for that WOW effect, when slicing into the cake
  • Red velvet with a soft cream cheese frosting, another popular classic

The taste of the cake was marvelous, everyone liked it and had more than one piece. The design was really astonishing, all the details were… WOW! – Sevi G.


Prices for 6 – 8 people start from 88 CHF for simple cake design and 128 CHF for customized cakes including 3D decorations. Prices will vary depending on the flavor, the size of the cake and the complexity of the decoration.

Questions about our cakes? Read our Q&A or contact us directly by phone +41796106538 or by email

Discover our latest cakes and get inspired below!