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Singapore Merlion Cake

Singapore Merlion birthday cake #cakes #genevacakes #corporatecakes #incrediblecakes

We created this birthday cake to celebrate a lovely lady who was moving to Singapore. The Merlion is an iconic landmark of her new home, a mythical creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish.

We sculpted the Merlion with all the detail of its mane and the scales on its tail in white fondant and placed him on top of a chocolate cake covered in the watery swirls of Marina Bay.

Do you know someone who’s moving to a new country or maybe someone who’s missing their hometown?

We can create a customized cake to celebrate the icons of your chosen location.

Merlion Singapore Cake - LYONA Incredible Cakes - Geneva-3Merlion-Singapore-Cake---Incredible-Cuisine---Geneva-2

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