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Ouchi Illusion Cake

Ouchi optical illusion cake #cakes #genevacakes #corporatecakes #incrediblecakes

This cake recreates the famous Ouchi illusion, where a central disk of black-and-white rectangles appears to float and shift above the checkered background. The illusion was created by Japanese artist Hajime Ouchi and the effect is intensified as you move your eyes over the pattern.

We created the effect using 530 individual pieces of black-and-white fondant and with meticulous precision.

Want a cake that will both confuse and delight your guests?

We’re happy to take on any challenge so choose your favorite illusion and we’ll recreate it in delicious cake form!

 Optical Illusion Cake -LYONA Incredible Cakes - Geneva 4 Optical Illusion Cake -LYONA Incredible Cakes - Geneva 3 Optical Illusion Cake -LYONA Incredible Cakes - Geneva 2

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