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About Our Cakes

Our Ingredients

We believe all great recipes start with amazing ingredients. This is why we use only ingredients of the highest quality in all of our creations.

As our consumers include children and future mums, all our dairy and egg products are pasteurized and we don't use alcohol in our cakes (unless specifically requested by a client).

Our Famous Double Chocolate Cake

We are widely known for our double chocolate cake.

The result of 3 years of continuous improvements, our recipe is undoubtedly the best chocolate cake you will ever taste.

Discover below what makes our recipe irresistible (not a fan of chocolate? Scroll down for more recipes).

Inside Our Double Chocolate Cake

Cake Layers

Moist chocolate cake layers baked to perfection ensure flavor without making the cake overly sweet.

The Filling

A mouthwatering whipped milk chocolate ganache brings lightness to the cake.

The Cookies

Towards the base, small cookies covered with dark chocolate and a hint of salt add a bit of crunch to this recipe.

The Base

A rich moist chocolate layer - a secret recipe - adds texture to the cake.

The Sides

The dark chocolate ganache surrounding the cake adds depth to the chocolate flavor. 

Fondant Covering

A 3mm thin layer of fondant finishes off the cake and seals in all the flavors.

Looking for a Different Flavor?

Another favorite is a classic vanilla cake with the same decadent milk chocolate ganache we use in our double chocolate cake or our smooth vanilla ganache.

We are always more than happy to create your favorite flavors, such as a classy red velvet cake with a soft cream cheese frosting, or the crowd-pleasing rainbow cake with a white chocolate ganache, for that WOW effect, when slicing into the cake.

We can also accommodate special dietary requirements and can bake equally delicious recipes without milk, butter or cream, without animal products, or made with corn flour (gluten-free flour).