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5 Ways Geneva Parents Are Celebrating Their Kid’s Birthday Parties in 2019

Contributor Kylee Ryers

Fêter un anniversaire à l\'accrobranche - Crédit : Christian Schwier/Adobe

Credit Picture: Christian Schwier/Adobe

A birthday represents an important milestone in the life of a child that is worth celebrating in style. Geneva parents who are looking to throw their little one *the* birthday party of the decade should consider the following 5 ideas, accessible in the Geneva area. 

Play Laser Games

If your child is fascinated by the military, take him and his friends to a Laser games center. Available close to Eaux Vives (Laser Game Geneva), Divonne Les Bains (Forestland) and Ville La Grand(Laser Game Evolutionin France for children above 6 years old, laser games are a unique way of spending a birthday. Generally, the kids start their party with an assembly where they are given explanations, assigned missions and taught strategies. They are then equipped with uniforms to make the experience more authentic.

Laser Games usually allow you to bring your own cake. Consider bringing our surprising laser game cake (watch the video) for a wow effect.

Enjoy a Movie Night

For a change this year, organize a movie night followed by a sleepover. Before you dismiss the idea because you do not have a movie room, rest assured that you do not need one. A couple of bean bag chairs or poufs, cozy blankets, popcorn, and a small projector (have a look here and here) are everything you need for a perfect movie night.

Alternatively, you can head to the Arena Cinema at La Praille mall, where the staff will welcome the children with popcorns, and show them the projection room for a fully immersive experience.

Looking for inspiration for your movie night party? Here are some recent cakes inspired by movies: Cars, Star Wars or Lego NinjaGo.

Go Bowling

Bowling birthday parties are all the rage this year. In Geneva, the best place to host a bowling birthday party is at La Praille, a 3000m2 venue with 26 bowling alleys. La Praille charges between 20 CHF and 22 CHF per child which is inclusive of two bowling games, shoes and a reserved area for partying.

If you wish to bring a cake from outside, consider our bowling design.

Enroll Your Child for an Obstacle Course

If you have an adventurous child on your hands, then do consider an obstacle course in the forest. The Parc adventure des Evaux in Onex is one of the most exciting high ropes course in Geneva. The guide lays out several themes and games all built on the high ropes. Young kids can enjoy an easy course priced at 25 CHF per child. Older children are charged 30 CHF each and play more complex games while climbing such as treasure hunting. The session runs for 3 hours and is guaranteed to make an unforgettable birthday experience.

Watch-out: The Parc adventure des Evaux closes during winter time.

Acro’ Adventures in Reignier and Fil en vol in Monnetier (both in France) offer an obstacle parkour on and between trees for the most adventurous children.

Let them do some sport

If your child is into sports, there are several options available starting with Karting in Ville La Grand. Racing with friends is sure to make for a unique birthday party. Intersoccer in Segny (France) is a great venue for kids who like football. Aside from a party, once you pay for the venue, kids get to play a soccer match and are given medals at the end.

Here are some football-inspired cake designs.

Elevation Indoors in Neydens (France) is an interesting option for children who love trampolines and jumping in general.

For more traditional but fun parties, consider throwing your child's birthday party at Mcdonald's, Orchestra Land, Gymboree, Yatouland, BG World, Kids Up or The Little Gym.

Organizing a birthday party can be overwhelming. Have a look at our post about how to plan a great party for kids to help you plan ahead and make sure you won’t forget anything important the D-day.